In Mandela’s Own Words

Because legends eulogize themselves...  *Nelson Mandela, April 20, 1964, standing in court accused of sabotage, anticipating death:  I am the first accused. I hold a bachelor's degree in arts and practised as an attorney in Johannesburg for a number of years in partnership with Oliver Tambo. I am a convicted prisoner serving five years for... Continue Reading →


“Zabana!” – when the guillotine falls and a revolution rises. An absolutely stunning and moving film on the power of both individual and collective will in resistance and liberation movements, with a strong focus on political imprisonment in anti-colonial struggle. This film is less of a history lesson or timeline of the Algerian War for Independence than it is a glimpse into the raw... Continue Reading →


All pride, love, respect and solidarity to our prisoners fighting for their freedom and dignity using only their sheer will and bodies against their Zionist and Occupying jailers. These videos of protests (filmed by Fadi Arouri) in support of the prisoners on hunger strike and calling for national unity warm my heart and remind me... Continue Reading →

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