New Projects and Old Exiles

When you are building a life in absence, what does it mean to be free in exile and imprisoned at home? As a geographer, I’m taught that spaces are never empty, but full of processes and stories yet to be told. That the naming of a space can be the very creation of place. So... Continue Reading →

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South to South, Part 1: The Willows

There’s supposed to be such a thing as a Southern writer. A tradition, a style, a locale, and an ego too I guess. I don’t know if there is such a thing. But, I grew up in the South and I write, so I ‘spose you can put me in whatever category you’d like. I... Continue Reading →

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Trauma introduces therapy in the day to day. The long walk Underwater swims Train rides and buses to them Memories turned short stories And therapy introduces trauma to the same. The paralyzing song The suffocating scent Worst case scenario daydreams And what’s strange is that though I see Palestine everywhere, around every corner, the sounds... Continue Reading →

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