March to the Beat of Your Own Drummer. March to the Beat of Revolution.

Creativity and expression of the human spirit abound amidst the fight for freedom and dignity in the Arab World. It is a testament to the genius, determination, hope, and desires for better futures that underpin it all. Enjoy, check back for updates, and please feel free to make suggestions. In playlist form: Tunisia The... Continue Reading →


A Transformation of Discovery

I've always had a bit of an awkward relationship with Libya, so I don't see why now would be any different. Not so much the cliche love/hate, though, as much as one of comfort/fear, really. Every Palestinian's personal discovery of their identity tends to come about in unique ways and significantly different ages. Our refugee... Continue Reading →

بين الهواء والريح

بين الهواء والريح عشت يوما طويلا بين الهواء والريح عشت حلما قصيرا بين الهواء والريح كنا نتابع اخباركم بكل نفس ونصلي من أجلكم و نقول إن الله يعطيكم القدرة و القوة تجعلوا ما كنا نظنه من المستحيل بين الهواء والريح موجود الفرق بين الحياة و الموت و الفرق بين المسلم و المؤمن بين الهواء والريح... Continue Reading →

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