تساؤلات ايلول (September Questions) & Update

The past week or so has consisted of a lot of running around and interviewing for thesis research. This week, none of that.

I am spending tonight in Jerusalem, and tomorrow I am off to ar-Ramla to meet a fellow Isdoudi who is going to take me to the namesake of this site. It doesn’t even seem real yet. I keep waiting for something to go wrong, something to get cancelled. I had hoped I would make this first trip with my father, but circumstances haven’t allowed. So, I am off on this particular adventure on my own. It might be better this way. It will mean something different to me to go without him; it will be about my return, as much as it would have been about his.

Post the trip to Isdoud, the plan is a swing to the North – Haifa, Akka, Nasra, and hopefully a trip to Yaffa on the way back to Ramallah. Getting to see Yaffa this time around with some friends would be great and a nice way to end the week. Inshallah, everything works out. People have been amazing so far in me planning this week, but I will speak more to that after the big trip.

Until then though, here is an article about this past Saturday and a conference I attended here in Al-Bireh.


Hope you are all well.

Salamat, and wish me luck.


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