March to the Beat of Your Own Drummer. March to the Beat of Revolution.

Creativity and expression of the human spirit abound amidst the fight for freedom and dignity in the Arab World. It is a testament to the genius, determination, hope, and desires for better futures that underpin it all. Enjoy, check back for updates, and please feel free to make suggestions.

In playlist form:


The Voice of Tunisia – El General

Green Revolution – A Thank You and Tribute from Palestinian Artists


Live In Tahrir

A Child Leads and Finds his Voice

Rebel – featuring Lauren Hill

#Jan25 – Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman

Sout Al Houreya – featuring Amir Eid and Hany Adel

Ezzai – Mohammed Mounir


Call to the Libyan Youth – Ibn Thabit

Can’t Take Our Freedom – Khaled M.

Tea of Freedom – Benghazi

Shabab Benghazi

Tripoli Calling – Ibn Thabit

Nasheed al Mujahid Al-Libi (Libyan Warrior Song) – Ibn Thabit

Zenga Zenga Dar Dar


Concerts by “Al-Adry




Yalla ir7al ya Bashar

Taraweeh during Ramadan

Ma Reedo

The Arab Spring

Spring Movements

Palestinian Dabka on the Arab Spring (chorus referencing Gaddafi’s now infamous Zenga Zenga speech)
-covers Libya, Tunis, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, and the division between Fatah and Hamas


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